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tv   Today  NBC  May 14, 2014 2:07am-3:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. according to hoda, it is booze day tuesday. >> it is, the 13th. >> we're delighted to have you with us today. we have a great show. i mean, lots of terrific guests, but we have a superstar. dolly parton. >> yes. she packed the plaza. you have never seen so many drag queens outside. >> well, cher gets a lot too. >> it is so fun. she rocked it. she was singing "9 to 5" outside, backup singers, her band. >> you know what i adore about her.
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everything. everything. everything about dolly. we have been friends a long, long, long, long time. but the same thing i love with bette midler and cher and dolly, they love what they're doing, they adore their fans and always give it 110%. >> you felt it. and, by the way, fans packed the joint. always fun to watch a big crowd like that. yeah. it was very terrific. okay. >> okay. >> we have to talk about some breaking news. >> oh, my gosh. >> it kind of is. you guys by now have probably seen the video that allegedly shows beyonce, her sister solange and jay-z in an elevator. tmz obtained this videotape and so there is beyonce, allegedly. and here comes solange, i like how we do this. and here is jay z. the elevator door -- >> bodyguards. >> you see that solange goes after jay z, boom, boom, boom. for my theory, keep your eyes on beyonce. she's against the wall.
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just look at her. keep your eye on her. >> could we take the thing away please, guys? >> get beyonce. now, now, okay. so this is at the very end. kick. now -- >> okay. okay. now, here's my theory, based on zero, based on absolutely nothing. i was a reporter for many years. >> award winning reporter. >> i used to be. me and my sister in the elevator, we're in, my sister starts going off on my husband, the first thing i would do if my sister was crazy or drunk is jump in between and separate the two and get in the middle of it because you don't want anyone hitting your husband. unless you think that your sister has a point. so you sit quietly and go -- >> give it to him. >> sorry. i'm not stepping in. i've got nothing to do with this and she -- and, by the way, my theory continues because after this whole altercation, they leave the elevator, she was
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clearly very upset, when they leave the elevator, and leave the place, there is solange, she looks upset. beyonce looks like she's pretending to be fine. and jay z. but the two sisters leave together in a car and jay z goes in a separate car. >> i think that was wise. >> which, also my theory based on nothing. those two are together. something happened before that moment, obviously. >> we heard different reports and everything is alleged that solange was drinking at the gala, a great deal belligerent -- >> we don't know if that's true either. >> we don't know. it was in the newspaper today. >> we don't know if the security camera has not been verified by -- >> it is -- >> but it looks like what you think it is. >> it does to me. nbc news, i love this, did rch out to the couple and solange but they have not called us back. >> by the way, i was remembering, i was remembering a while ago, i was at an event and solange was there. and i remembered something came out -- i was waiting to
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interview her with some fashion thing, i can't remember. and her people made me wait and wait and i waited and waited and waited and waited and finally said forget it. i waited too long. there were other people there. there was something in the paper that said she refused to do my interview because i was going to ask about beyonce's pregnancy. that wasn't even part of the thing. i remember thinking there was a lot of commotion surrounding nothing. she was standing right there. i was this far from her. i wanted to ask a couple of questions you would ask of any celeb at any event and i think there is a lot of control issues happening at this point. >> she's -- i don't know much about her except -- i do know that it can't be easy being beyonce's sister. >> yeah, yeah, you're right. as proud as you are of your sister, you would always be comparing yourself in terms of success, you know. so i think that's a tough situation. >> i think it is. >> she admitted, i think, some substance abuse. i think so. i don't know. >> we don't know. >> allegedly.
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>> we don't know any of that. we can't -- we don't know. >> it is in the papers too that she -- >> there is lots of things in papers that we don't know. >> but you're -- >> but mine's different. mine is -- >> like i said, like i said -- >> here is the thing too -- >> allegedly. >> apparently, i don't know if this part is true, but solange has taken off a lot of pictures of beyonce off her twitter. >> i don't know if that's true, hoda, and you shouldn't be spreading things like that. >> that's not illegal. >> you don't know if it's true so stop it. you want to -- shall we move on before we get sued? okay. angelina jolie rarely has a problem that we know about, but it is a problem more and more women in our business are experiencing. she had a major makeup malfunction on the red carpet. >> look closely. looks like a lot of powder on her. >> yeah. apparently some makeup does
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reflect when hit by a camera flash. and it is called an hd powder. and mary, our makeup artist, was explaining that it is great, it makes you look fantastic in person and in television, but with flash photography -- so we have a couple other examples, allegedly. >> of -- yeah. >> that is an allegedly -- >> under her eyes. >> you don't know it in person. you look fine. look at drew barrymore. >> like she's wearing a mask, you put on at night kind of thing. >> and nicole kidman had one of those too, her nose. you can see the -- >> i think she looks great, allegedly. >> she has gorgeous skin. >> she does. but it is interesting to know flash photography can take a -- >> here's the thing. they're paying the most expensive makeup artists in the world, you know, you can't even believe what some of them make. and they should know better, they're going on a red carpet, there is all -- it is all paparazzi. don't do it.
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>> i'm looking at your posse. when kathie lee travels, she travels with a big posse. >> not here to see me. they're my dear friends and they came to see dolly and that's the truth. >> what are you talking about? there is a whole mob. >> kristen roberts, dear neighbors, and then sam, mary lane and sam haskell. sam is one of my best friends in the whole world. >> you travel -- but. >> i was sam's first client at william morris agency in the 1880s. and then dolly later on became one of his clients so we're all here today because of dolly. allegedly. everybody's -- mary lane, a fine actress and fine singer. she was just in the -- she was in the last -- wasn't it the last episode of scandal? yeah. >> wow. congratulations. >> mary lane haskell. look her up. she's great. >> so "the voice" -- >> google her. >> did you say google her?
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>> "the voice" is going to cut two of its final singers tonight. it is going to be big and scary. >> so it gets down to the final -- the finale next week. >> three next week. three left standing after tonight. we're going to wait until tomorrow to show you all that stuff. but we did want to show you a little bit of revenge. so adam -- adam had his phone number tweeted out by blake. >> on purpose. >> yeah, yeah. he gave his cell phone number out to the world. then adam decided to get revenge. so let's take a look at what he did. >> so i want you to check out the screen. >> what are you going to do? >> what i planned for him. that's a shiny gorgeous -- >> a beautiful truck. >> i bet you didn't know it was in the back, did you? >> go for it. do it now. go for it. >> that's manure. that is cow dung. you don't have any more? do you have any more?
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>> are the windows open? >> the windows are open! >> there's more coming up? >> that's not enough, we're go to have to bring in some more. >> allegedly that was cow dung. you know who else we have on today? >> who? >> don't we have maria today? >> no, just a little comment -- >> i thought she was coming on. maria menounos has a new reality show on oxygen called "chasing maria menounos." tonight, maria and kevin struggle with infertility. take a look. >> what happened? >> kevin and i got the results from the sperm doctor and he has an issue. there is some like veins or something that don't work anymore. it is blocking the sperm and kevin and i got into a huge fight because if we want to have kids naturally, he needs this surgery. and he does not want to do it now. >> like, maria --
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>> she looks adorable. >> sometimes that's all that matters. we love maria. that's on oxygen. coming up, a big show, "chicago fire's" taylor kinney is going to heat up the studio. >> good thing there is firemen in the house because dolly parton is about to burn down the house with a performance from her new cd "blue smoke". she changed for us. >> oh, my gosh. >> first these messages. [ hair dryer whirring ] [ male announcer ] there's a simpler way to fluffier eggs. ♪ ♪ i can't believe it's not butter! the simpler way to delicious fluffy eggs. [ chicken clucks ] believe.
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there you go. ♪ i like it when you rip like that. dolly parton has been singing her heart out for nearly five decades and this morning she belted out a couple of tunes on our plaza to an absolutely huge audience. still packing them in. her fans arrive in the wee hours of the morning and so did dolly. she was up with al this morning. >> she was. today the most successful female country singer of all time is releasing her, get this, 42nd album.
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it is called "blue smoke." >> who is here with us? dolly parton. we love you. >> hey. >> you just -- the word beloved comes to mind. >> does it still feel great every time -- i walked out here this morning at 6:30 and watched the people who had practically been here all night waiting for you, it must feel good to step up on stage and sing. >> it does. i've been loving this. it's what i wanted to do since i was a little bitty thing. i've been able to make a living at something i love to do, it is just great. i never take it for granted. they're always fun and i always enjoy them and they enjoy me and that's why i'm still around, i guess. >> i was reading about this wonderful new album. you said, when i sit down it write a cd, i think what would my fans like to hear from me. you always put the fans first. >> you have to because i've been so blessed through the years that i've been able to do so many kinds of music and started out singing really mountain
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music and then i started doing the country, then i changed over to pop, and i've actually done some rock things, a few little dance mixes. so i have such a wide variety of fans, even little bitty kids. so i think about what they want to hear and in this particular "blue smoke" cd, i think it has all the colors of the music i've done through the years. >> it does, yeah. >> it has all the flavors of that. >> there is that great song that you sing with kenny rogers, "you can't make old friends." i could cry every time. >> tell us about working with him and collaborating on that song. >> that particular song, i think he had the idea to do this for us to have a great duet. >> again. >> yeah. but we actually had great success, but it is really true that we stayed such good friends and we're older now. and we think about, you know, in your life, you meet all these special people and we have this wonderful, warm passionate relationship and it is just great. >> anyone who had a life long friend and hears that song just cries.
2:22 am
it is the most beautiful, beautiful song. >> it is all people that have a good friend. >> you just got back from australia, on tour. and now getting ready to go where? the uk? >> we got a few shows here in america, over the next few weeks. then we're going to europe for about almost five weeks. >> you're going to be celebrating your 48th wedding anniversary. >> i can't believe. >> on the 30th. my husband and i have been -- we met 50 years ago. >> i met him the very first day. i brought all my little dirty clothes dingy clothes from home, so was at the laundromat and kind of washing up and walking around and he drove by, we met, it was destiny, i'm sure. and so we just have been in there -- >> what is the secret to being married that long? >> we have been together 48 years, but we have been -- we actually have been together about three of that, because i've -- i make a joke of that, but there is a lot of truth in
2:23 am
that that we're not in each other's faces all the time. >> tell everybody what you love to do. because they probably met you before and don't even know it because you say you're not recognizable when you do this. >> we have a little rv, one on the west coast when we go there and one here. we get in our little rv, i put a little makeup on for him, and put my hair up. i never want to look tacky. everybody else gets to see me dressed up and don't want to look like a slouch but i don't do the whole dolly overexaggerated thing and we travel around in our rv and we have picnics and go through drive throughs. >> we took this quiz, dolly, remember, what dolly parton song are you? we went on buzzfeed and answered some questions. and they asked us things like what is your best accessory for a fancy night out, how would you react if your boss tried to hit on you and they came up with our songs. so do you know what our songs are? >> no. >> what's hoda's? ♪
2:24 am
>> that's one i like too. >> it is a song about bad relationships. if this ain't working, get on with it. don't look back. >> what's kath's? >> what's mine? >> same thing. same song. oh, my god! >> maybe it's time you get on that train. >> dolly, we love you. >> we love that you're here. you're going to be back to sing for us in a little bit. >> yes, i am. coming up, suze orman is here. she'll tell you how to get ready for retirement, no matter what age. and a smackdown with barbara corcoran. it is going to get ugly. i'd say i clean the toilet
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he's currently co-starring with very talented women, cameron diaz, leslie mann and kate upton in the revenge comedy "the other woman". >> but taylor kinney has been firing up the small screen as lieutenant kelly severai in "chicago fire". >> on tonight's season finale, the firehouse is dispatched to a boarding school full of children. take a look. >> go, go, go. >> i need a box alarm. we have a fire fully engulfed. >> we'll take the top floor. let's go. >> first time in the hamptons. >> hey. >> okay. >> and he's here with us. nice of you to drop in with your busy schedule and everything.
2:29 am
>> i know. >> probably just to see dolly parton. >> no. >> you're a stalker. >> i am. she came in with a crew of 135. and i brought my manager. i need to up my game. >> you can't. nobody can keep up with dolly parton. >> so the finale of "chicago fire" is tonight. >> yes. >> and are you going to leave us hanging or is it go to be a nice bow around it? >> it is a big cliffhanger. i think for any fan that -- for the show, for season two, that has watched and followed along with the characters, we leave -- there is a lot of stones unturned for the finale. i think fans are going to -- it will be something to talk about all summer. >> this got picked up right away for a -- >> that had to feel good. >> it helps when you have dick wolf steering the ship. yeah. >> the man had a little success. >> yes. a little bit. >> i think i'm the only actress
2:30 am
in the world who hasn't been on a dick wolf production. >> it is a rite of passage. >> can i offer a -- >> please. >> can you come on the show. we'll get you a guest spot. >> right there, baby. hoda and kathie lee do chicago. >> you're from a small town, right? lancaster, pennsylvania. >> yes. >> a big leap for you. you're on the hit tv show, in the movies, dating gaga. you got quite the life. >> it is bizarre because i grew up amish and, yeah -- >> did you? >> yeah, i left. >> are you -- >> that's not -- >> yeah, i'm kidding. >> that's not in -- allegedly. >> no, i'm not. no, yeah, still exciting. you still have those, you know, the pinch me moments, but it is just something to start. i love what i do. so -- >> do you get asked most about what you do or about gaga? >> both. i don't know. she has a show tonight. she's playing the garden tonight. are you girls going to go. >> will you be there? >> sure. >> will you be backstage? >> i just walk around. yeah. >> do you like the music? >> i love the music, yeah, sure. >> that would be awkward if you
2:31 am
didn't. >> what is your favorite gaga song? >> i don't have one. i just kind of -- i think it is -- it is more of a -- i support her. i dig what she does and, you know -- >> she digs what you do. >> she knows the real person. >> we're supposed to say good-bye now. we don't want to because we like you. >> what about spin the bottle? i thought i was going to hug and kiss the two of you. >> okay. here's your question. >> what is the most romantic gesture you've ever made for gaga? >> a woman. >> whatever. she's a woman. but a woman. >> oh, geez. >> ten seconds. >> i tagged a billboard in hollywood. i remember -- like ten years ago. >> so it wasn't gaga. >> it was. >> ten years ago. >> no way. season finale of "chicago fire" tonight.
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we're back on this booze day tuesday with more of "today" and one of the hottest women in the financial business. >> suze orman. she is a personal finance expert and the host of cnbc's "the suze orman show." she's here to help you with your retirement, now matter how old or young you are. >> it is always an issue. nice to see you. this is her last show until she takes off for the summer. >> yes. until september. until september. >> how much should people be saving for retirement? i think it is one of the questions you're not sure. >> regardless of what age they are. as much as they possibly can. and that is the reason is we are going to spend more years in retirement than we ever did working now that most people are living until 90, 95, 100. you better start saving today. >> most people can't retire anymore either when they thought they were going to be able to, right? >> there is a new retirement age. it is not 60. it is not 65. it is 67 to 70. and nobody should be taking social security before 70. >> why is that? >> from 67 to 70, your social
2:35 am
security benefit increases by 8% a year. that is a big increase if you think about. where are you going to get 8% guaranteed return on your money? you're not. you're going to need more money. let it grow in social security for you. >> let's break it down into decades. how much you should save. you're in your 20s, with what disposable income you have -- >> what disposable income in your 20s? you don't got any. you just got out of school. you have student loan debt, learning, got to come up with a first and last. if you're working and if you're employer has a 401(k) that matches, i don't care if you don't have a pot to pee in, you have got to contribute. >> should you borrow from your parents to have it match. >> no, you shouldn't borrow from your parents. borrowing is debt, debt is bondage. >> your parents say, that's okay. you don't have to pay it back. >> parents don't have any money either. >> in your 30s, you've been with your employer for five years, make about 35 grand a year, your
2:36 am
company is offering a roth or 401(k) with the regular 401(k). >> i don't know the difference. >> what do you mean you don't? >> i'm sorry. >> unattractive when you do that. >> to be a roth 401(k), a 401(k) is an employer sponsored plan. you fund that with money you never pay taxes on. a roth 401(k), you fund it with money you already paid taxes on. so in the end, roth 401(k), you can take it all out, plus earnings, tax free. your kids can get it. tax free. >> thank you for explaining that to us. we didn't know. >> anytime. >> you're in your 40s, household income of $75,000 a year. what percent of that income should go toward retirement? >> here we are again. should it even be going towards retirement? because if possible, you might be better off using that extra money to pay down the mortgage of your home, to get rid of the car loan payment, so it isn't always put all this money in retirement to generate income to pay your bills. you might be better off just getting rid of your bills.
2:37 am
>> that's always a good idea. what about the fact that we don't know what is going to happen with property values. so you put more and more paying off your mortgage, but you might -- the house may be less and less valuable as -- who knows what is going to happen. >> that house still provides you shelter and a place to live. and your largest expense when you get older is your mortgage payment or rent. so why not at least live in a house, who cares what it is worth. you don't have to pay any mortgage payment or rent to stay there. >> okay. you are in your 50s -- >> what is wrong with that? >> i didn't understand that. but i'm sure others did. >> you're in your 50s, you haven't saved enough money. what should you do in terms of your retirement? >> pray. >> it is never too late. then you have to look seriously what do you do? and this is another case, do you continue to pay down your mortgage? i'm still at why you didn't get that. you have to rent -- >> i don't have a mortgage, thank god. >> so there you go. >> i never considered it.
2:38 am
>> who cares if your property goes up or down in value. you still have a place to live. >> right. but i care if my house goes up or down in value. i don't understand not caring about that. >> sell it and want to have a place to live -- >> most people keep their homes when they decide forever until they go from there, nursing home. >> always fascinating. and we wish you a great summer. >> thank you for everything. >> enjoy every minute. >> for more of suze's advice, check out "the suze orman show". it's saturday nights at 9:00 on cnbc. >> what would you do to give this home curb appeal? barbara corcoran right after this. de>>who's got twond rhooves and just got ae. claim status update from geico? this guy, that's who.
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the gloves are off.
2:42 am
>> they're coming off. curb appeal showdown, baby. >> from the landscaping and lighting to the pathway and paint, little changes can make a huge difference in appearance of your house. >> "today" real estate expert barbara corcoran. >> allegedly. >> and kathie lee have changed three homes and will go head to head. if you remember, last time we did this is it was so much fun. >> someone cheated and we won't say who. >> let's get to the houses and stop doing the pregame fighting. here is the first house. this is before anyone -- >> which i thought was adorable. what did you think, barbara? >> barbara will do her thing. tell us what you did to change? >> this is a big old colonial screaming give me a wrap around porch. anytime people see a wrap around porch, they think the people inside are happily ever after. not true, but that's what they think.
2:43 am
>> that had to cost more than $10,000. >> about $35,000. at least i'm honest about what i spent. >> i was told we could spend $10,000. >> now kathie lee's house. what did you do, kathie? >> i spent $10,000. >> okay. that looks good too. >> i just did small things. i did a little stone entrance, the little picket fence around, i got rid of some of the clutter in the front with the -- >> let's see the split screen and see which is better. let's see which is better. definitely the wrap around porch. >> mine is much nicer, neat, much better. >> and more expensive. >> exactly. one for barbara. okay. let's go on. >> yeah. >> this is the last time this is happening. i want to spend whatever i want to next time. >> barbara, what did you do to this one? >> the problem with this house is you can't find it, i painted the front door green, blue, pretty blue, and added a little
2:44 am
pathway to the door. hey, that's a cheap job and now it looks like a million dollar house. >> okay. let's see what kathie lee did. >> i don't like the way this one turned out. >> and go. >> this one i thought of spending $10,000, i changed -- >> you spent it wrong. you spent it on -- >> what did you do? >> two to barbara. the last one, what did you do? we understand. all right. >> what did you do? >> this is a house with weird windows. i replaced the windows at the bottom with double hung windows, took the screen front off the porch, painted the house to match the gray top. you can't have a brown house and a gray top. and this is a cheap job, that whole job cost about 3500 bucks. >> kath, what did you do? >> i don't know. i like that better. sorry, that's a kathie lee win. that's a kathie lee win. voted on. >> what did you do, kath?
2:45 am
>> i put in a bay window. it was too flat. and i changed the color scheme a little bit. >> lovely choice. brown shutters with a gray roof. >> it is not brown. they're supposed to be wood. >> wood. >> that's part of the problem. >> and look at walkway, looked like hansel and gretl won that one. >> kathie lee won that one. >> some people play by the rules and others cheat. >> the score was -- >> always going to be the person who spends more money. >> 2-1. >> hoda, i'm disappointed in you. you should support friends. do you support cheating? >> we're looking at the final product. >> stay out of my ballpark. >> i knew it was going to get good. why don't you tell us who you think did better, given that barbara overspent a little -- >> a little? >> who did better? >> hoda, i am so upset with you. >> dolly parton will sing a new song. >> i'm leaving. i'm going to -- i'm not even going to read the prompter.
2:46 am
>> and we're going to help you drop a dress size right after this. >> i'm going to drop barbara. we really wanted to take a relaxing trip to florida.
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all right, it is time to drop a dress size. our special series where we help you get healthy and slimmer all by memorial day. >> from sodas to smoothies, we're consuming way too much fat, calories and sugar. madelyn fernstrom brought along two lovely ladies she's been working with the last two weeks. >> beverly, a busy mom of three and luanne who can't wait to get into that little black dress over there. >> they're doing great. they're well on their way. they're both down nine pounds. >> awesome! >> they're staying on track with small steady changes. they're doing great. >> this is going to be an interesting segment. there are a lot of liquid calories out there.
2:51 am
>> with summer coming, we like to drink more things. this is easy. >> what do we do? >> i'll say one of these questions and you have to pick the drink that matches the question. there is only one correct drink for each one. so bring it right over here. >> we'll put the drink on. >> put the drink on the table. >> which of these drinks has the most calories, the one that has the most. only one answer. which one has the most calories. think carefully. which one do you like? >> with the caramel? >> bring it over when you're done. >> you have the smoothie. pick one and come over. >> we think this one. >> okay. and you are both wrong. >> what? >> can we try again? >> oh, yeah. >> you're both right, it is the frozen margarita. you could eat -- it is at least 400 calories. you could eat 40 strawberries
2:52 am
for the calories in this drink. put your drinks back. ready for the next one. >> why do we have to put them back? >> so we have room to put them on the table. >> let madelyn do her job. >> you, i have had it with. you back off, barbie. go ahead, madelyn. >> the drink that is the most bloating. which is the most bloating? >> i just had a colonoscopy. >> which is the most bloating. >> think about it. okay. you have the bloody mary as the most bloating. >> bloating. what would be the most belly bloating of all. you would both be right. it is the bloody mary mix because the sodium of this is the equivalent of two cups. we'll get to the next one. >> what is the next one? >> the next one is which of these drinks has the most fat. just one of them.
2:53 am
the most fat in this drink? pick one. >> i think this one. >> that's correct. that iced caramel mocha latte. the same as a glazed doughnut. you can lighten that up by using low fat or skim milk. >> okay. i hate that with all my heart. what else? >> which of the following drinks has eight grams of fiber. one has eight grams of fiber. >> eight grams of fiber? >> time is going. this is a blackberry yogurt smoothy. >> is that right? >> you both got it right. >> we're out of time. >> we're out of time. >> come on. >> a prize for you. we have -- >> what does hoda get? >> i get nothing, as usual. >> the woman who worked way more than 9 to 5, dolly parton. she's been here since 4:00 this morning. she'll sing for us. first this is "today" on nbc.
2:54 am
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2:56 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota". >> tomorrow, the daughter of francis ford coppola and jack kilmer, the son of val kilmer, will be here tomorrow. >> here is our precious dolly parton singing "home." i love this, off her brand-new cd "blue smoke". >> have a great day, everybody. >> see you for wines day, wednesday. when is that coming up? >> i think tomorrow. ♪ ♪ looking out of my window pane i'm so alone i could cry ♪ ♪ staring down the city street
2:57 am
♪ there is a place i need to be ♪ ♪ to feel my pain ♪ a place where i can go to be free ♪ a place where i can just be me ♪ ♪ home where the warm winds blow and the rivers flow ♪ ♪ home like a lazy frog home always welcome home ♪ ♪ i left home i was 17 ♪ i had a lot of ambition and dreams ♪ ♪ i got a lot to be thankful for ♪ ♪ one of those dreams is a magic door that opened up ♪
2:58 am
♪ home with the church bells ringing ♪ ♪ home i want to go home ♪ i often think about where i have been ♪ ♪ where i am going and that's about it ♪ ♪ i think about home home ♪ i think about home i hear you calling i hear you calling ♪
2:59 am
♪ the place i call home home ♪ home i'm going home ♪ back to the hills home ♪ with the fireflies home ♪ home with family and friends ♪ home no place like it ♪ let's go home [ applause ] >> thank you!
3:00 am
>> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. ♪


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